Visit 1: Web 3.0 Business Intelligence

The IT for Innovative Services (ITIS) department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) boasts high-level technological skills in the fields of semantic web, knowledge representation, man machine interfaces  and advanced modelling skills for designing, improving and measuring performance of IT services in enterprise and service supply chains. This visit will showcase several software solutions of interest for supporting service innovation in different domains such as FinTech, construction, logistics and mobility, eHealth, production, skills assessment, process flow and supply chain optimisation and many others.


ITIS works on new innovative software supporting collaborative design and decision support in a world of complex and dynamically changing data. Within the context where several humans and organisations have to share and exchange data, tools are developed for transforming these data into information and displaying it on interfaces (such as human-computer interfaces on different devices and tangible interfaces) for managing interactions between men and machines as well as for visualising complex data. The collaborative design and decision support software tools that will be presented during the tour include:

  • MyMuseumGuide, a geo-localised mobile application to enhance the experience of museum visitors adapted to their preferences, walking paths and time available
  • The MatSim simulator for analysing the selection of the best mobility scenario depending on real-time collected data
  • Calluna, a software platform offering a host of interactive and customisable graphics to rapidly understand the critical aspects of a data set
  • WikiFood, an advisory and learning tool in food-related choices for allergies patients
  • Weastflows, an application of tangible interfaces in the logistics domain

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