Visit 10: Innovation in Sustainable Construction

Neobuild focuses on innovation in four specific fields of interest to the construction sector: eco-materials, renewable energy, green ICT and green management. Seize the opportunity to discover Neobuild’s Living Lab, new materials for construction as well as IT-based tools aimed at evaluating e.g. the existing energy saving potential. The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), for their part, will show an electronic platform that makes collaboration between stakeholders much easier and provide insight into the exchange of best practices in the construction sector.


Neobuild’s aim is to promote research, development and innovation in the sustainable construction sector and is focusing on smart and experimental buildings. They work with new, energy-efficient materials (cement-wood blocs; hemp, straw and bamboo elements; vacuum insulated concrete walls; composite structures; acoustics products; and electrochromatic glass) that have a reduced CO2  footprint, make buildings lighter, are easy to install and offer a better acoustic performance. The organisation runs a Living Lab, where new materials and techniques in the construction sector can be tested in real conditions.

Neobuild also works with renewable energies like photovoltaics, energy generation with fitness equipment and a geothermal ice storage system for air conditioning. Moreover, Neobuild is in the process of installing an “urban farm” on its roof to recapture the CO2  from the air in the building. The greenhouse could also be used to open new paths, such as generating electricity from plants. Various green ICT solutions make it possible to evaluate the energy saving potential as well as resultant health benefits.

Neobuild collaborates with the LIST’s ‘IT for Innovative Services (ITIS)’ department in the field of green management tools. ITIS will demonstrate a touch screen table based on Building Information Modelling (BIM) on construction sites that can improve the cooperation of the stakeholders involved.

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