Visit 11: Laboratory for Solid Structures

The Laboratory for Solid Structures is focused on the development of technological solutions, the sustainable and economical use of all kinds of constructive resources and the establishment of a centre of expertise for the technological requirements of industrial and public actors. You will discover the scientific work of the laboratory on the basis of concrete research projects realised in collaboration with industry. The work can be applied in the fields of structural engineering, concrete formulations and building envelope.


The research activities of the Laboratory for Solid Structures are the following:

  • Building envelope – New materials, renewable materials, energy efficiency: new hybrid isolation blocs of concrete, innovative wall solutions, analyses of mechanical and structural physical characteristics of concrete based on renewable primary products.
  • Structural engineering – Optimisation of structures: stability, resistance, vibration and fatigue behaviour of constructions and building elements; identification of shear bearing behaviour on flat slabs of steel fibre reinforced concrete with a high reinforcement grade, damage assessment of bridges and other civil engineering structures with dynamic testing methods.
  • Concrete formulations: Improvement of the workability of different concrete formulations: assessment of the correlation between workability and rheological parameters (shear stress, viscosity); testing of formulations of self-compacting concrete for ready-mix and for precast formulas.
  • Expertise services in structural health monitoring: e.g., in situ static loading tests on structures and material analysis.

Different types of equipment will be presented during the visit, including e.g.:

  • Climatic test cell and test chamber to simulate environmental influences
  • Impedance tube for acoustic analysis
  • Instrument for the determination of thermal conductivity
  • Mobile hydraulic power engine
  • Mobile hydraulic unit enabling in situ mechanical loading (up to 200 kN) of e.g. concrete slabs in buildings

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