Visit 3: CVCE Digital Humanities Lab – Innovative Digital Products and Methods

The user-centric approach of the Digital Humanities lab fuels the development of tailor-made solutions that are of interest to players in the fields of e.g. media and security and cater to the needs of researchers in digital humanities. Discover the histoGraph, which is a highly innovative application that offers an effective interface for users who wish to access collections of historical sources and discover links among and entities within them.


The Digital Humanities lab (DHLab) brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts in computer sciences and humanities who engage in the development of new services and tools for European Integration Studies. Its expertise lies in the identification of user needs and the application of agile methods in the development of tools and services. The core competence of the group is its proven capability to transform new technologies and requirements from the humanities field into innovative products and methods.

While the humanities as a discipline can look back on several centuries of development, the integration of computer technology into the methodological toolset of researchers is a relatively new phenomenon. Nevertheless, it is an important source of innovation.

The DHLab reviews how specific methods in the humanities can feed back into the development of new computer technologies. Thanks to its proactive development cycle, the DHLab is able to identify previously untapped opportunities to develop innovative software solutions, such as the histoGraph an interactive tool for explorative visualisation and collaborative investigation of historical social networks from multimedia collections.

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