Visit 4: Digital Fabrication and Manufacturing Opportunities @FabLab

The FabLab offers different types of tools – 3D scanners, 3D printers, milling machines, a laser cutter and a thermoforming machine. In addition, industrial partners are able to benefit from FabLab’s expertise in rapid prototyping. The FabLab will showcase projects and products that were developed by private companies in the last 2 years and provide a demonstration of the equipment available.


Rapid prototyping can be used in virtually any type of fields. The FabLab covers different fabrication techniques (additive, subtractive and thermoforming).

The FabLab is looking for industrialists who are interested in digital manufacturing and who look to develop projects with their assistance and support.

The FabLab is part of an international network of FabLabs and of the FabLab Benelux Foundation.

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